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At the core embedded deep within Helix is our true meaning that we hold close to us, and allow it to translate in everything we do, as a constant reminder as to why we keep evolving.


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The Helix Nucleus


Our aim is to redefine advertising and marketing. To bring out the best in our clients and encapsulate the meaning of their brand. 


Reengineering brands DNA to create the marketing blueprint of the future. 


Disrupt the industry by bringing meaning and transforming every brand we work with into a meaningful force within their industry. We aim to change the industry and even the world one brand at a time.



Agency Helix 

PO BOX 93968

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

+ 971 2 582 9911

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This is Helix

This is our DNA

This is how we will bring meaning and redefine marketing one brand at a time

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