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The Helix DNA is rooted in creative liberation and the pursuit of escaping the monotonous way of life that we have, become accustomed to living. Helix was started from the need to escape the corporate rate race and attempt to start an agency with a completely different take on work culture. Our perception which views life as a constant stream of creative evolution translates into our work, as we become a catalyst of growth to brands. 

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At the core of the Helix DNA is a strategic combination of creativity and marketing which has allowed us to form not only an agency but a community which nurtures and develops all types of brands. Thinking outside the box comes naturally to everyone at Helix, it allows our community the creative license and freedom to bring their ideas to life, Helix is an ecosystem which allows creatives to breath.

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The genetics of our DNA has only become more resilient and evolved, thanks to our perseverance and ability to prosper through adversity, the more we grow these traits only intensify. We evolve through acquiring a variety of clients from start-ups to established brands in any corner of the industry, symbolising our adaptability. By exploring the DNA sequencing of our clients, it allows us to reengineer their DNA and combine it with ours. This method encourages a collaborative process of working to ensure both our genes, as well as, our clients compliment each other.

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Founded in Abu Dhabi, our strong presence in the Middle East along with broad market knowledge and connections make us an ideal partner for new market entry strategies and business plan formation and evaluations. Growing in a location where different cultures come together influences our DNA, and allows us to develop into a multi-facitate Marketing agency with a broad skill set. Through our unique sequencing we aim to become the main disruptors in the marketing industry. By constantly evolving with local & global marketing brands, we navigate the complexity of today’s digital world to achieve results. 


Crystal Salt
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Built from a diverse team and working with a variety of brands, we always aim to empower.

Greener Choices

Where possible, Helix aims to make green choices by going fully digital and harnessing technology to make our clients experience seamless.


We always ensure the best quality in everything we do, from communication with client to our work presentation.


We aim to work with people not companies, in order to redefine marketing we aim to always have humanity at the core of what we do. We believe this is how to move forward and allow brands to build a community instead of an audience and focus on meaning.

Empowering Businesses

Our boutique approach allows us to create meaning in the marketing industry. By approaching each client on a personal level we are able to bring out the very best in all businesses.

Company Values

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